Who we are

We are a multinational group with support from Irish, English, French, American, Polish, Scottish and many others who live in the Aude department in France. 

We have formed an association to enable us to help the Ukrainian people who have been displaced due to the war. 

We are spread throughout the Aude from Carcassonne to Castelnaudary, Mirepoix and Narbonne. With Carcassonne at the heart of the department, we have our base here. 

The prefecture in Carcassonne is one of the most important locations the Ukrainian refugees will visit during their time here and we have setup our association base within a few mins walk from here.

You can make contact with us through our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/ukrainiansincarcassonne

by email [email protected]

Association Contacts
President:  Sharon Hehir
Treasurer : Tim Hehir
Secretary : Susan Sinha
Core Team :
Gilbert Vanossi, Marina Kokhan, Alex Lapshyn, Viktoriia Lapshyna, Inessa, Jane Hayes, Tony Lacey, Vlady

Audois Ukrainiens Entraide Carcassonne group photo