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We’ve made a promise to the families we are helping. We promised that we’d be there for them for as long as they need us. Please help us to keep it. Our goal is to raise 10,000 Euro to enable us to keep running until July, read below to see what our aims are.

If you would like to make a bank transfer details are also below.

10,000 Euro Target

counter started on 1st February and updated weekly.

Here in Carcassonne, last March, we setup our charity to help the Ukrainians currently facing a humanitarian crisis as a result of ongoing conflict and political instability in the region. Many innocent families have been forced to flee their homes and are now living as refugees in Carcassonne and nearby villages.

Our charity provides vital assistance to these refugees, including emergency aid if needed, accommodation, support with everything else they need from education to translation services. We operate a Ukrainian Resource Center in Carcassonne which is staffed by only one Ukrainian manager plus volunteers. We open 6 mornings a week and offer drop in support for anything they need assistance with, we accept clothing donations and household items, we have a Ukrainian library with books for the Children, we offer French classes – beginners and conversational, we have a computer club for the children run by Nikita a 15 year old Ukrainian refugee, we also have art classes for the children as well as many other supports. When there is a national celebration we try to support by organising an event, music etc. For Christmas, we had a party for the families and each child received a gift, one of our volunteers dressed up as Santa and the celebration was very special for all the Ukrainians that participated. 

The initial outpouring of generosity last March enabled us to run the association for the past 11 months without the need to ask for further donations. However we now need to fundraise again in order to achieve our aim of running the association until at least July 2023.

Your donations will go a long way towards helping these people who are in desperate need of support. It has been and still is a very difficult journey for them here in France. 

Running everything in our refugee centre, including our rent, support for families, supplies and operations monthly and events has been on average 1750 Euro per month. With this small amount we are improving the lives of hundreds of families for the better. All our volunteers donate their time free of charge. Everything we spend we do so cautiously and carefully. We currently have enough funds to operate until the end of February but would love to offer this much needed support until the Summer. 

For the winter we have also sent a Van to Ukraine full of winter clothes, inverters which went to the front line, fuel heaters and all of the families here also sent a care package for their relatives that are still in Ukraine. 

We would love to raise 10,000 Euro as this will mean we are in a position to continue all our support and have contingency funds for any other issues that may arise without any worries. Can you please help us achieve this goal?

We are reaching out to you and all our friends for support, if you can help us make this happen it would be amazing.

Thank you in advance for your generosity.

Our very warmest wishes

Sharon  – President Audois Ukrainiens Entraide

If you would like to follow our journey on a regular basis please join our facebook group … 

Main monthly expenses : 

  • Rent Monthly €650
  • Supplies and Operations Monthly €500
  • Supporting families in exceptional difficulty varies monthly €400 average
  • Events for example Ukraine Independence Day, Christmas etc. monthly €200 average
Average €1750 per month
Donations also welcome by bank transfer to
RIB 10278 08991 00021030501 43
IBAN FR76 1027 8089 9100 0210 3050 143