Sponsor a family

Make a lasting difference


By sponsoring a family with Audois Ukrainens Entraide, you can make a more lasting difference throughout the time the family spend in the Aude department. Through the Family Sponsorship Programme, we support families with children from 0-18 years old. 
Sponsorship covers food, clothes, shoes, bills (eg water, electricity), school supplies, toys, baby supplies.

Sponsorship per family costs €400 per month (€100 per week).  If you decide family sponsorship is right for you, then we will assign a particular family to you.

Currently the amount of Refugee financial support is France is approximately 
€75 per week for a Mother with 1 child
€100 per week for a Mother with 2 children
€125 per 
week for a Mother with 3 children
€150 per 
week for a Mother with 4 children

On top of the stress and trauma of war, it is incredibly difficult for the families to survive on this amount. Most of the families arrived here with one small backpack or bag each. They have nothing from home with them and are starting from the beginning. It is crucial for us to ensure they can get started in safety and comfort while they find their feet for the first few months. Your support means everything.

What to expect from your Family Sponsorship:

  • Each family has only one sponsor (you can join with friends or work colleagues to support one family).
  • A Case History with your sponsored families photo, details and information about your sponsored  family.
  • A copy of our Family Sponsorship Information Sheet, this should answer most of your queries on how sponsorship works.
  • Once a month you will receive an update, detailing the status of your sponsored family and how they are coping. It will also include a card from your sponsored family with their photograph inside, along with a short letter or drawing.
  • Sponsorship is for a minimum of 3 months. If you wish to continue for longer than 3 months this will be arranged at the end of the initial period.