Registration Prefecture Carcassonne

1 : Prefecture Registration

Make an appointment – to do this you can email [email protected]
You will be asked to send copies of all passports by email. 

NOTE : This system to request an appointment does not always work, you may find it easier to go to the prefecture and make your appointment in person. 

Prefecture Address : 52 Rue Jean Bringer, 11000 Carcassonne

You will receive a date for your appointment and ALL the family attend this appointment and bring all documents required for the whole family. 

Important to bring a French-English or French-Ukrainian speaker to translate for your appointments if possible.


  1. Copies of all passports
  2. Copies of stamps on entry to EU on passports (not for children)
  3. Photos (not for children)
  4. Attestation hebergement

Once checked, fingerprints taken of all adults, visual check of children’s information.

Temporary residence paper issued.

The paper has your photograph attached and is signed and stamped by the prefecture.

You will receive another date which will be emailed to the contact person (approx.1 week after the rdv) to collect the ADA card with a PIN number.
Just one person from the family needs to attend to collect the card. You must reply to the email and accept the appointment. 

There may be a Ukrainian person at the meeting to explain procedures at this appointment.
The refugee protection is for 3 years but after 6 months you will have an appointment to confirm you are still living in France.


What if I registered in another department and I need to change my address?
You go to the prefecture and fill in a form to ask for an appointment where you can then change your address. 

You must change your address immediately if you change departments in France. 

What if I need to change my address in the same department? 

You can move small distances within a department without it being urgent. For example from one village to another. But you should change your address as soon as you can to ensure you receive any letters that may be sent to you. 

What if my registration was not completed correctly in another department? 

Any problems can be corrected at the prefecture. This has already occurred where the papers were not completed correctly in one department and they had to be completely restarted in Carcassonne Prefecture. Please do not worry if this happens. 

What if one of my family does not have a biometric passport?

This family member will need some way to prove they were in Ukraine before 24th February.
For example: Bank Statements or proof of travel.